E.G. and Co. serves the landscape industry by supplying and installing large trees and shrubs. We also transplant large trees, shrubs, and ornamentals owned by the client on site or to different sites. We are a family run company that has been in business since 1988. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality tree transplanting and installation services to establish a mature landscape. We do not compete with Landscapers or Architects.

We can bring in new plant material, move existing plant material onsite, and/or move plants site-to-site. Plant material can range from a few feet high to over 35 feet tall. Our equipment ranges from a 43" skid steer mounted spade to 96" truck mounted spades capable of moving trees exceeding 15,000 pounds.

As a wholesale supplier, our clients include developers, contractors, architects, landscapers, landscape architects, property owners, general contractors, and golf courses. Large plant material can be provided for commercial sites, residences, development entrances, parks, street trees, shade trees, or other applications.

Call for all your large tree needs!!